More Banjo!

This weekend was supposed to be all about Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

I started imagining things I would write on Thursday about the weekend.  I was going to explain how music is so important in my life. It helps make those happy moments a bit happier and allows me to explore the sadness that is sometimes necessary. However, I guess that will be a post for another day.

I did make it to Hardly Strictly on Friday and enjoyed the day with my Mom and Step-dad. There are five stages, but we set up camp at the biggest stage, the Banjo Stage.  Decent seats, right?

Hardly Strictly!

However, I was supposed to go on Saturday when a bunch of musicians that I love were playing.  For some reason when I woke up on Saturday morning the whole day just seemed like too much. The thought of driving to SF, trying to find parking and then dealing with the crowds just seemed overwhelming.  I was trying to get in touch with my best friend who I knew was going, but was having problems getting in touch with her as I have horrible cell service where I’m staying right now.  I started thinking about why I couldn’t just go by myself and enjoy the music.  What was stopping me?  I don’t usually like talking to people once the music has started, so what would be the big deal?  I admire my best friend and her attitude towards doing things on her own.  She frequently used to “take herself out for dinner.”  What a great approach!  Who needs the permission of others to do something you want to enjoy?  And yet I sometimes find myself frozen with inaction when I don’t hear back from people.  It seems that I have to give myself permission to do things on my own.  I am getting better at doing this, but sometimes it is a struggle.

I eventually got in touch with her and made plans for that evening.  The funny thing about all of this is that I ended up driving through SF to get to her house.


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