Happier and Healthier – Update Day 10

The idea for this blog started to come to fruition on Day 10 of this journey.  I knew that when I left school I wanted to actively make a change in my lifestyle and was going to use the move and the somewhat remote location that I am living in now as the jumping off point.  However, it was this picture that inspired the idea to track the change.

Day 10

I remembered the picture that I had taken on my first day.  I thought to myself that I would start a timeline of change.   While the whole idea isn’t necessarily about weight loss, it is an added benefit to making a change like this.  The idea for actually blogging came a few days later when I was hiking around the trails here.  I was so inspired by the beautiful scenery around me that I started taking pictures with my phone.  I kept grinning to myself about all of the pithy captions I would have; in all honesty, I probably have come up with about two that are cute, but who cares, they make me smile!

Looking for Inspiration

I don’t know about all of you, but for some reason I think better when I’m out on my walks.  I finalized the structure for my dissertation out on a walk, strategized my next steps on getting a job and started analyzing the next decisions I had to make in my life.  I used to be this way at the gym, but after years of going to the gym it has been more and more difficult to physically get myself there.  On top of that the workouts aren’t as productive as they used to be because I’m just not motivated when I’m there.  And, well, it turns out I really enjoy hiking!

Music is another crucial element to my hikes.  When I started imagining the structure of the blog I thought I would do updates a bit more frequently with information about the trails that I am hiking and the music that I am playing.  (If anyone wants to know the trails I’m hiking, let me know and I’ll post a map.)  There was only one problem with that, I listen to the same albums obsessively until I am absolutely sick of them.  Then I usually shelve the album for about 6 months to a year until the urge to listen to music comes back to me.  Am I the only one who does this?

In case anyone was wondering, American Idiot – the Original Cast Recording and The Steep Canyon Rangers are in regular rotation at the moment.  If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!  I am always open to new music.

In the meantime, the plan is to take a picture of myself every ten days or so and post the progress here.  In between, I’ll be doing other posts that I find amusing or any other unanticipated side effects of the changes to my diet.  I think I’ll leave you with this picture, it is one of my favorites so far!

The View from on High!


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