Happier and Healthier – Update Day 20

I promise to completely catch up and update in real time, but for now I’m still a little behind.  So, at 20 days in all has been going well.  I’ve been hiking a lot.  I’m starting to find that this is one of the few ways that I can relieve some of the stress and anxiety that is coming with the job search.  On this day I took a longer hike than usual.  This is a trail that is in total 8.6 miles (but who’s counting!).  The hike has relatively easy terrain with barely any change in elevation; however, half way through you are rewarded with this stunning view!

Arch Rock

The trail I took this day is probably the most widely-used trail in the National Park where I’m hiking.  The trail head is always full of kids on their field trip to Earthquake Trail.  (I know you California natives remember this field trip!)  I figured since I was hiking on a Friday and thinking I could out run those kids, that I wouldn’t see many people on the trail.  Boy was I wrong!  There were so many people, horses and bikes, that I wasn’t able to get my usual solitary hike that I enjoy.  Ok, here’s REALLY one of the reasons I like having the trail all to myself.  I love to either sing or lip-sync on the trail.  A few of you know that I even do this at the gym, but for some reason I find it far more acceptable getting caught at the gym than getting caught on the trail.  I kept feeling like Hugh Grant’s character in Love, Actually where he gets caught dancing.  You know, this one:

Needless to say that I have decided that should I find myself hiking on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, I will definitely be using on the of the more remote trails, otherwise this is what people will be running into.

Doing my best Freddie Mercury Impression


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